Saturday, December 15, 2012

well, it has been a long time again; a lot of thing have been going on, we're should I start... well I went to school last year and had some classes like piano,drawing,acting and two other theater class. I was think I love to go in to theater. have that be my major. Then the next semester I had some set backs: like I start out in GEO and lab,PSY and English 1010 class, but had to drop GEO- the study of rocks(so cool) and so I pick up two other class to make up quilting (so neat)and a student successes class then I was have some problems in English so I drop that and PSY (this was a cool class)and took English 991 and a math class I just got done with them the other day I hope I did ok. I have learn a lot about write I hope I can remember it all. Greg heath has had some bad turns and some good turns I found out he does not like to be talk about so I'll let him tell you if he want to. Bella's has gotten to have a babysitter and go to preschool and day care this semester and has had fun with this but after a few month of doing any of it she done and would jut like to stay home.this next semester I think she get to have preschool at home I hope that I'll get to finish school.

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