Saturday, December 15, 2012

well, it has been a long time again; a lot of thing have been going on, we're should I start... well I went to school last year and had some classes like piano,drawing,acting and two other theater class. I was think I love to go in to theater. have that be my major. Then the next semester I had some set backs: like I start out in GEO and lab,PSY and English 1010 class, but had to drop GEO- the study of rocks(so cool) and so I pick up two other class to make up quilting (so neat)and a student successes class then I was have some problems in English so I drop that and PSY (this was a cool class)and took English 991 and a math class I just got done with them the other day I hope I did ok. I have learn a lot about write I hope I can remember it all. Greg heath has had some bad turns and some good turns I found out he does not like to be talk about so I'll let him tell you if he want to. Bella's has gotten to have a babysitter and go to preschool and day care this semester and has had fun with this but after a few month of doing any of it she done and would jut like to stay home.this next semester I think she get to have preschool at home I hope that I'll get to finish school.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I have done a lot of new things lately.

update.... so whats new, well I'm going to Snow college right now.
so this summer I did my math. I did not do so well, so I had a very low GPA so I do not have the college paid tuition this semester. This fall I'm in theater. I get to read books like Macbeth and watch the movie. Also, the phantom of the opera which has been on my list to watch for sometime now, I'm glad I get to do this, I hope it will be fun the whole semester. I get to learn how to play the guitar, I'm taking a beginners class. I hope I learn what I need to; I like it a lot. I am also in jewelery making, that's a fun class. I am also taking water aerobics, that a little tough as I don't know how to swim well at all, but it's all going well. I am also taking science, Human Biology from Greg. I'm learning a lot and it is helping me to know what Greg is going though with his illness. We're learning all about the body at its smallest level, like the mitochondria and ATP and so we're looking up what Greg can take to feel better. He took some power punch stuff to help with his ATP production and it seamed to work. He worked in the yard Saturday and did not have a seizure. He pruned a lot of the trees and we went to see Charity's baby, then Lexi, Stacey, and I got our ears pierced. Then Greg had to drive home as it was after dark and we wanted to get home before Sunday(so I did not drive). He was fine but very tired the next day and now he is feeling a bit sick but he does not think that it's because of the punch, I hope not. When he was tired I was thinking it might be because he did not eat when he took the punch. Last Friday he also took some kind of mix drink that looked like powdered sugar, and he said it had no taste. I think that helped him a lot as he was very happy and not worn out when he came home that night and did not just go to sleep as soon as he got home but talked to us and had dinner and that was nice.
got to go lot more to come....................hopefully :0)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hi family it's time I learn how to use this.
I'd like to put more picture up then I do but I have no Idea how. yet

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

up date May to Dec. 2010


We moved to Utah because Greg got a job at Snow college,
We came on the week of the girls birthday, Charity had made a cake for them.
We look all over Ephraim and Manti for a place to move in to, we did not find any thing, we were very, very tired of looking, ready to give up.
Greg look again on the internet at charity and call on the Mona house
That day on the 29th we found a great place in Mona Utah, just outside of Nephi, it was a very nice and friendly town. The owners let us move in the next day so we could get the truck back on time.
It was still close to charity's so we could and did a lot of fun things with her and her family we went to The Provo Parade, The kids had fun and Charity said the next time we need to bring more grown ups :0) Charity has come over and we played lot of fun games in my big house in Mona mom and dad and Katy came by before they when back to Mo Woody and Caren and there kids came over to the kids had a sleep over and had fun with there cousins
I made a dress that was fun, because there was a lot of space to spread it out.
We gave talk in church my kid love the microphone the family was going to sing two song as we started to sing Timian yell no one can hear me right in the microphone and of course they could and they all chuckled so he smiled and start to sing right in to the microphone. I was glad when that was done.
I was trying out the K12 School on line that week and it was not going well. The computer was having a lot more glitches then I could deal with. So I put them in to the Mona school
they had a good time for the most part.

I had a very neat Sunday school teacher. I started to go back to school. And
In Mona I met a lot of nice lady's, it was nice we were very close to the park, but I got Athletic Asthma at the end of June and did not find that out until it was October. It was very hard if I did any thing I could not breath, I could not sing, I could not run, I could not work in the house, I could not walk, or I would go in to a coughing fit that would end in me having a hard time just breathing. I was glad Kathryn lived with us, she helped me with the kids and the meals then she got a job in Ephraim and was able to take Greg with her to work but that meant he had to go at 4:30 in the morning just to be there at 11am for his office hours and not get home till after 6 or 7 pm and that was not fun on any of us then he got sick and we thought it would be the best thing for the family if we move closer to snow college..
I was able to go with Greg to Ephraim I spent some time getting to know the town then I went and looked for some place to live. I found an apartment and it was in our price range so we were able to get it and move in by Oct. We have a 3 month lease to see if we can find another place but we're here for now.
We have another family that moved in to the same apartments The Everett's, they have six kids too and they are about my kids ages, she is fun and a lot like me or at least we think a like in a lot of things. She can make a lot more friends then me but that's ok.
I can see us being friends for along time.
We love Ephraim. I think I'm going to like the Sunday school teacher lessons too, I do so far.
This month the school said the kids needed to get a shot by the end of November. Greg did get paid on the last day of the month so we had to wait until then, and that just happened to be the night before the pageant that all my kids And the Everitt kid’s got to be in and they all did very well... it would have gone better if we did not have all the dress rehearsals in the same day. Our sheep, Bella and Nelson, were just tooooo tired and Bella had to catch up on her sleep and on all her shots from when she was 1. I don't think she feels well and I had forgotten her pain med by the time the play was to start,

I have met a lot of very nice people here and they're all very welcoming.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what up

hi family
I starting a shop on check it out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

hi family how are you